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After Covid and Lockdown situation almost every business realized the potential of online business because after the lockdown offline businesses were shut down and online businesses grew very fast. Now and even after 2022 businesses with an online presence have an amazing future and have the potential to survive in any circumstances. To go online the 1st need of every business is the website and for the website, the basic need is Domain and Hosting. Every business that wants to go online faces the problem of choosing the right hosting platforms because there are many hosting platforms in India that charge more money because of their brand name and don’t have good services. On the other side, there are some fake hosting provider companies who offer you free hosting or hosting very cheaply and take away your money and the data of your business. That’s why choosing the right hosting platforms is important because you are doing it for the long term and to grow your business.

iohost founder Arun SIddhnath found this Gap in the Market and started working to solve this problem of businesses. He realized the problem of different hosting platforms and how he could improve that and provide better quality services to businesses. So he started his web hosting company iohost Which provides web hosting and Domains.

iohost is India’s Most Reliable and Stable Web Hosting & Domain Provider. They take care of every aspect of the hosting that can provide ease to their users and they are upgrading its technology to improve their user experience. White Web Server gives you reliable security so that you can work without tension. Recently many hosting companies’ data was stolen by hackers which cost businesses very much and faced many privacy issues.

Every non-tech guy or even professional faces problems while using hosting services that’s why iohost provides 24×7 technical support. They respond fast and solve problems to ensure their clients that they are in the right place. Many clients prefer White Web Servers because of their fast service and technical support.

Arun SIddhnaht Launched iohost In 2019 in Madhya Pradesh and now White Web Server is one of the best Hosting provider companies. They are also experts in server management services.

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